Logo de la compagnie Amélio
Logo de la compagnie Amélio

Amélio: Your Partner

for Building a Better

Workplace in 2024


It was in 2017 that Maxime Lacroix, President and Founder of Amélio, first envisioned the idea that would later evolve into one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies specializing in employee engagement.

His idea? A work environment where people strive for success, acquire new skills or enhance existing ones, and experience a sense of belonging, where the company dedicates significant effort to formulating a compelling mission and hires individuals who share similar values to achieve it.

Today, Amélio is a team, doubling each year, of like-minded people who all strive to accomplish Amélio’s vision while pushing the boundaries of regular workplaces.



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Amélio’s mission is to revolutionize how organizations perceive and respond to employee experience. We aim to offer managers worldwide real-time insights by leveraging their data to instigate meaningful changes in their company’s culture, fostering a solid employer brand based on continuous improvement.

How Does Amélio Contribute to

 Your Organization’s Success?

For HR Leaders, CEOs, and Business Owners

As a leader, you often feel pressured to prioritize productivity and profits at the expense of employee well-being. It might seem necessary to make compromises to achieve your goals. However, the truth is that employee well-being and productivity are interconnected. Motivated employees are more productive, increasing profits and stimulating overall growth.

With Amélio, You Will:

    • Attract and retain top talent, consequently minimizing turnover costs.
    • Elevate employee engagement and productivity.
    • Enhance your employer brand, reputation, and overall attractiveness.
    • Improve business performance, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

For Managers

As a manager, you aim to lead your team effectively, support their work and development, and build trust and rapport. Understanding your team’s emotions, motivations, challenges, and needs to perform optimally are also essential aspects of your role.

With Amélio, You Will:

    • Receive automated coaching tailored to your team’s specific challenges, which helps develop your leadership skills.
    • Cultivate an inspiring work environment that achieves tasks efficiently and delivers high-quality results, consistently exceeding expectations.
    • Engage your team members to increase their loyalty and commitment, reducing turnover and absenteeism.
    • Empower your team members by assisting them in achieving their goals, unlocking their potential, and fostering continuous growth and development.

For Employees

As an employee, you want to enjoy your work, feel valued and respected, and have a voice with a meaningful impact. Clear and significant goals, as well as regular constructive feedback, are important to you. You also seek opportunities for professional continuous learning and growth.

With Amélio, You Will:

    • Express yourself anonymously without fear of retaliation.
    • Share your opinions and ideas, acknowledge your peers’ contributions, and make a difference.
    • Connect with your colleagues, managers, and leaders to build trust and foster collaboration.
    • Grow professionally by enhancing your skills and competencies, ultimately advancing your career.

Are You Ready to

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