Recruit top talent by developing an attractive workplace


Use Amélio to create a strong employer brand:

Listen to your employees

Everything you need to better understand the work climate and focus on well-being at work; engagement survey, onboarding and exit interview.

Get personalized coaching for managers

Each manager receives an automated action plan based on their team's results to help them create a better workplace, so employees see real results.

Transform your employer brand

Let your employees be your ambassadors by using peer recognition to create real positive change and by involving them in the company's growth with the innovation module.

Find out how to become an attractive and inspiring organization: a place where talent comes together!

4.9 on Google
4.9 on Google
Yellow Pages
Mélanie Belzile - Pages Jaunes

Mélanie Belzile, CIRC

Senior HR Advisor, Yellow Pages
"Amélio provides a very flexible solution. For example, we are able to add an important sub-factor for our context and customize it. This was not available with a competitive tool that we used before Amélio. We really like also the recognition module.

I highly recommend Amélio. It is a valuable tool for managers and the Amélio team offers exceptional support at all times."

Find out why Amélio is the solution for hundreds of innovative organizations
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