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Engagement report

Get real results - Quickly.

Amélio collects employees' feedback and identifies the key changes that will motivate them and reduce turnover. The tool allows you to act on smaller issues before they become a problem. Amélio will guide you to make the best decisions for your staff, based on facts.

Engagement Surveys

We have transformed the engagement surveys to make the process easy and effective. Amélio helps executives, human resources specialists and managers understand what they need to do to engage and retain their employees.

Automated Coaching

Once you've listened and learned from your employees' feedback, it's time to take action. Amélio will propose an automated action plan to each manager based on the results of their respective team to help them create a better workplace.

Peer Recognition & Innovation

Feeling valued at work is the # 1 reason why employees are happy in their jobs. Awesome changes happen in the workplace thanks to the peer recognition in Amélio. Employees are also empowered to participate in the company's growth strategy.

Our customers trust us because Amélio helps them stand out from their competitors by creating an inspiring workplace and reduce turnover.

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Hundreds of innovative ideas to stand out

After the engagement surveys, an automated action plan is proposed to each manager to create an inspiring workplace. Amélio analyzes the results in each team and provides recommendations and case studies based on your reality to develop a strong employer brand and engage employees.

Manager's action plan
Your organizational health

Make the right decisions at the right time.

Being able to adapt and act when it matters is what enables companies to perform well and reduce turnover.

Amélio identifies employees' irritants through anonymous engagement surveys. Interactive dashboards enable HR professionals and managers to understand the results of each team. Above all, allowing them to know when to make positive changes in their workplace. 

Mélanie Belzile, CIRC

Senior HR Advisor, Yellow Pages

Amélio provides a very flexible solution. For example, we are able to add an important sub-factor for our context and customize it. This was not available with a competitive tool that we used before Amélio. We really like the recognition module, it's a very nice addition. It is used very well in all senses (employees <-> managers and employees <-> employees).

I highly recommend Amélio. It is a valuable tool for managers and the Amélio team offers exceptional support at all times

Yellow Pages
Mélissa Gilbert, CHRP

HR business partner, ACQ

Amélio provides a turnkey solution to make our initiative for employee engagement a success.

The platform is easy to use. The process is clear and very well organized. All tools and support are provided to facilitate our work. Furthermore, without the need for training, managers have real-time access to the results of their teams in the platform. Everyone is therefore involved and in action mode!


Investing in employee experience pays off.

Studies have shown that investing in employee engagement is beneficial at all levels. Companies with low levels of engagement generate 16% less profit than their competitors.

Why? Disengaged employees are 37% more often absent, they make 60% more errors and manufacturing defects, and 50% less loyal to their employer.

Calculate the turnover cost of your staff to discover how much money your organization loses each year.

"The employer generally gets the employees he deserves."

- Jean Paul Getty (1892 - 1976)

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Our mission :

Create inspiring workplaces. 
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Let's do it together.

Employee engagement is crucial to successful companies. Amélio is an innovative tool that helps businesses create an inspiring corporate culture.

Amélio is recognized for being one of the best Engagement Platforms.


We're proud to serve our customers from Canada.

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