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Real-time employee engagement surveys Employees answers frequent surveys and data is gathered in real-time
Questions entirely customized to your business  Engagement templates give you a quick start. This doesn't mean you shouldn't full control of the questions asked
Simple and powerful reporting Engagement reports let you understand where you should focus your energy and when. They're easy to understand for all your managers.
Detailed results by team Get details of engagement by department, manager, employee level and job function. Act precisely to maximize benefits of your action plan.
Automated engagement insights Amélio analyze your team's data to recommend new ideas on how to improve employee engagement in every single team.
Peer Recognition Amélio has a enterprise grade social network to empower peer recognition. He motivates people to go beyond expactations
Visibility to managers Managers receive real-time notifications of their employees' feedbacks
Innovative Team Ideas Best suggestions are propelled to the leadership. Suggestions are made in private, by department or for the whole company.
Galerie d’équipe Oubliez les répertoires de photos sur Windows... Personne ne les regarde. Cultivez l'engagement de l'équipe en affichant fièrement vos bons moments avec Amélio
Performance Management Amélio promotes employee development through mentoring and agile performance appraisals
Project Management See instantly the progress of current tasks and projects

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Employee engagement is crucial to successful companies. Amélio is an innovative tool that helps businesses create an inspiring corporate culture.



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