Prevent turnover and increase employee satisfaction with our scientifically designed engagement tool

Understand your corporate culture and turn it into a competitive edge

Create a better workplace, quickly

Employees express their opinions

Every month, employees express their ideas and opinions anonymously to improve workplace satisfaction.

Managers get insights on what matters most

Detailed reports identify hot topics in real-time and provide an overview of your workplace culture.

Improve on what really matters

Each manager gets custom advice to help retain the best talent and improve team productivity.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Turnover is expensive. Find out what employees have in mind before they think about quitting.

In less than 5 minutes per month, employees express themselves anonymously about their workplace, their relationships with managers and their company.

Pulse engagement surveys are designed to be quick, efficient and they are scientifically designed based on the JD-R model.

In less than 5 minutes per month, employees express themselves anonymously about their workplace, their relationships with managers and their company.

Pulse engagement surveys are designed to be quick, efficient and they are scientifically designed based on JD-R model.


Continuous improvement

Continuous engagement surveys are automated at the ideal frequency to adapt to your corporate culture. Whether it’s weekly, monthly or quarterly surveys – Polls are short and flexible to maximize the response rate.

One-Time Diagnosis

If the time is not right for continuous improvement, a one-time engagement survey will allow you to make a quick employee engagement diagnosis. Obtain essential information to target your priorities and create a better workplace.

Complete Employee Engagement Analysis

Powerful reports will allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses at a glance

Managers & Human Resources Specialists Dashboard

Managers and human resources specialists have access to their respective dashboards of employee engagement results. The reports are easy to understand; they include 12 mobilization factors and 38 sub-factors identifying your greatest strengths and issues.

Continuous improvement

Without measurement, how do we know if we are improving or if there is a return on investment? Amélio captures trends and measures the impact of your actions on each engagement factor. If there is no positive progression, it’s a signal that your strategy should be adjusted.

Prioritize actions

Target the priorities for each team and act on what matters. Amélio offers an engagement analysis by department, manager, profession, employee level, location, age or years of service.

Empower Leaders

Team engagement is not just an HR strategy. It is a shared responsibility of all members of the organization. Each manager gets a detailed view of his different teams to improve his leadership and the work climate within these teams.

Actionable Engagement Survey Results  

Drill down the results to the root of the problem to understand how you can quickly improve.

From high-level categories, users can identify situations requiring attention and display every question results to understand what needs to be done within the team to improve workplace engagement.

Micheline St-Jean

HR coordinator, Zenika

As the IT job market being extremely competitive, we need to stand out as an employer and make sure we are attractive. With Amélio, employees appreciate that we listen to them and that we care about their well-being. The tool also helps us develop a significant differentiator element.

Amélio allows us to add on our dashboard an employee engagement metric and see, through its monthly progress, the results of our actions. In just a few months, we went from an engagement rate of 7.1 to 8.8. A really good improvement showing us that we are on the right track. It is therefore very natural for me to recommend Amélio.
Chantal Bergeron, CHRP

HR Director, Courchesne Larose

Amélio’s platform is very beneficial for Courchesne Larose. Its use is very easy and visual. The flexibility provided by Amélio’s tool allows managers to analyze the specific responses of their teams and obtain very precise results. It therefore becomes possible to focus on the priorities of each team and quickly set up lots of small initiatives that make the difference.

By surveying all employees with Amélio’s platform, many ideas emerged to improve our ways of doing things.

I recommend Amélio without any hesitation. The whole company benefits from this initiative. In a context of workforce shortage, it is an essential tool to increase the feeling of belonging and retain our talents.

courchesne larose
“A real leader faces the music even when he doesn’t like the tune.”

Arnold H. Glasow

Automated Coaching for Each Manager

Each manager will receive a monthly report. This report will indicate two elements to work for the month with actionable tips to put into practice.

Custom insights are inspired by scientific studies carried out around the world, companies who distinguished themselves on employee engagement and by inspirational speakers.

A quick and easy process

Setting up and engagement survey is simple and easy to set up with Amélio.
Below are the complete steps to have a diagnosis of employee satisfaction.

1. Import employee data and choose your survey

To start the project, you will have to export employee data from your HR system or an Excel file. We will import the data into Amélio. Data such as department, office, age or years of service will be useful for the analysis. This data will be used to create a unique link for each employee and benefit from an in-depth analysis of your engagement results.

In the meantime, we will invite you to review the survey questionnaire to ensure that it applies to your business and nothing is forgotten. You will be able to adjust the questionnaire to your corporate culture.

2. Communicate to employees

An initial communication must be made to employees to indicate they will receive a job satisfaction survey from an external supplier to preserve their anonymity. The most effective form of communication is personally talking to employees through a recurrent meeting or a cascade communication. Amélio provides several contents and documentation to help easily present and communicate the initiative. We want every launch to achieve our best response of 95% for 400 employees.

3. Launch the survey

Each employee receives a personalized link to his survey on the date chosen. Employees do not need to input their manager, department, age or any additional information. All data is managed through the personalized link to offer the best survey experience and ensure the quality of the data.

4. Analyze the results

Managers and HR specialists have access to their engagement reports. Concerns and issues are clearly identified to improve the work climate. In a lot of the cases, small adjustments will make a significant difference in your workplace.

5. Create an engaging corporate culture and empower employees.

Amélio provides everything you need to engage employees

Quick Start

Starting with Amélio is fast and easy. Make an export of your HRIS, decide on the launch date and we take care of the whole project.

Engagement Surveys

Get started quickly with our 130-question or 60-question survey based on the latest scientific research on engagement from the JD-R Model.

Analytics & Segmentation

Analysis is the essential element of any engagement project: Weaknesses have to be identified within each team to perform better. They will differ from one team to another.

Reports for Management

Amélio produces an analysis ready to be integrated into your reports to focus on what matters most. The report will highlight the important points to management.

Continuous Improvement

Amélio generates a diagnosis of your organizational culture, but our clients also love to measure engagement on an ongoing basis through our recurring surveys.

Exit and Onboarding Interviews

Get a clear and transparent reasons why your employees leave thanks to anonymous surveys. Automatically programmed surveys to provide insights on your retention strategy.

Multi-Screen and Bilingual

The tool is easily accessible either on a PC, tablet or phone. Amélio supports French, English and more to come.

Automated Launch and Reminders

Fully automated survey reminders allow us to achieve response rates of up to 95%.

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Do your employees feel overworked?
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Do your employees feel fulfilled in their current job? Will they achieve their career goals?

Do your teams work well together? Do they feel that they are doing great things?


Employee engagement is crucial to successful companies. Amélio is an innovative tool that helps businesses create an inspiring corporate culture.

Amélio is recognized for being one of the best Engagement Platforms.



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