Pulse Engagement Surveys

Prevent turnover and increase employee satisfaction with
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Pulse Engagement Surveys

Create a Workplace Employees Will Love

Employees express their opinions

Every month, employees express their ideas and opinions anonymously to improve workplace satisfaction.

Managers get insights on what matters most

Detailed reports identify hot topics in real-time and provide an overview of your workplace culture.

You improve on what really matters

Each manager gets custom advice to help retain the best talent and improve the team productivity.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Turnover is very expensive. Find out what employees have in mind before they think about quitting.

In less than 2 minutes per week, employees express themselves anonymously about their workplace, their relationships with managers and their company.

Pulse engagement surveys are designed to be quick, efficient and they are scientifically designed based on JD-R model.

In less than 2 minutes per week, employees express themselves anonymously about their workplace, their relationships with managers and their company.

Pulse engagement surveys are designed to be quick, efficient and they are scientifically designed based on JD-R model.

Insightfull Employee Engagement Report

12 real-time key indicators provide insights of what needs your attention.

Each manager gets his own automated real-time report with simple and actionable indicators. They provide sufficient information to understand how to reduce turnover.

Automated insights to improve workplace engagement

Every week, Amelio’s algorithm offers new tips and advice for managers to create a better work environment for each team.

A pool of ideas from talent experts will help you build low-cost solutions to motivate your teams and make them more productive.

Actionable Engagement Survey Results 

Drilldown the results to the root of the problem to understand how you can quickly improve. From high-level categories, users can spot situations requiring attention and display every question results to understand what needs to be done within the team to improve workplace engagement.

Can you honestly answer these questions?

Do your employees believe that your company is a good place to raise a family?

Do your employees feel overworked?
Are they at risk of exhaustion?

Do your employees feel fulfilled in their current job? Will they achieve their career goals?

Do your teams work well together? Do they feel that they are doing great things?

Amélio creates inspiring corporate cultures. Here’s why.

Return on Investment

Measure the outcome of your initiatives to understand what is truly valuable to your employees.

The action plan is insufficient if the outcome of the engagement initiatives is not periodically measured. Amélio helps you understand what steps have been effective in your business to make your next investments in employee engagement more effective.

Life Cycle

From hiring to resignation, Amélio measures the sentiments of employees.

Automated surveys are sent to the emlpoyee’s arrival and resignation to understand his percetions. The anonymity and the specific questions of the survey make it possible to know the real reasons for his resignation. That’s a great tool to retain your other top talents!


The strength of company relies on its ability to react quickly.

Knowing employees’ satisfaction and engagement in real time allows you to react quickly to increase employee engagement and retain the best talent.

Pulse Surveys

Changes have occurred in the organization? Measure the impacts within each team to ensure changes are effective and positive, thanks to our unlimited pulse surveys.

Anonymous Engagement Surveys

Our surveys are 100% anonymous. Employees express what they really think, continually so you never miss important insights on employee satisfaction.

Random Questions

To maintain a high response rate, each employee responds to a short sample of random questions. Pooling, the responses of all employees give you a complete view of your organization every month.

100% Customizable

Personalize questionnaires to your business reality. Create different customized engagement surveys for office workers than for customer service agents.

Engagement Reports by Team

Compare engagement between teams, departments, employee levels and even managers. Reports are precise enough to intervene where you should.

Captivating surveys

Our engagement surveys are beautiful and attractive. They are so stimulating that your employees will love to fill them. We’re done with the bureaucratic and boring surveys! 
Try them now, you will understand!

Ready in 10 Minutes

Submit your first survey in less than 10 minutes with our 200+ question bank. No more hassle with complex annual engagement surveys. Our process is very simple and easy.

Have the Biggest Impact

Observe the outcome of each of your actions to determine what increases employee engagement the most. Amélio continually collects employee feedback to know what works best.

Real-Time Results

Results are available as soon as employees submit their feedbacks. Millennials are changing jobs quickly; be faster and establish a scalable plan to retain top talent.

Fully Bilingual

Everything, really everything, is bilingual. Engagement surveys, app features and results are available in both English and French. 

Improve employee engagement now


Employee engagement is crucial to successful companies. Amélio is an innovative tool that helps businesses create an inspiring corporate culture.



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