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Why Decathlon and Solertia chose Amélio

to power employee engagement?

Amélio is the platform of choice for more and more organizations for employee engagement. This essential tool not only helps evolve organizational culture, but also puts it at the heart of growth. Discover the reasons why these successful organizations choose Amélio.

Ease of implementation and use

Emilie Pelletier

Émilie Pelletier, CRIA

National HR Manager, Decathlon Canada

Amélio allows us to apply in a very concrete way the values of employee well-being, dear to Decathlon.

Decathlon, a retailer that designs, manufactures, tests and sells sports products in more than 1,665 stores across 64 countries, considers its employees as an investment in its mission. The company recognizes that customer satisfaction depends on the well-being of its internal employees.

In the fall of 2020, following the upheaval associated with the COVID, Émilie Pelletier, CIRC - National HR Manager for Decathlon Canada, was looking to implement a structured process to improve communication, obtain feedback and be in collaborative mode with the 2,000 employees working for Decathlon Canada.

While Decathlon worldwide has an internal tool to measure employee engagement annually, the HR manager for Decathlon Canada notes that,

« We wanted a platform that would allow us to be more agile and have an accurate measurement of engagement in real time. »

The Amélio Difference

Before considering Amélio, the Decathlon Canada team used another popular tool in the market to measure employee engagement. The HR manager for Decathlon Canada says that the following elements convinced them to select Amélio.

  • The ease of use of the platform
  • The ease of switching from French to English in the surveys and the platform
  • The customization features in the surveys and the analysis of the results


So far, the engagement surveys have highlighted some very specific areas for improvement, allowing for preventive measures to be put in place instead of being in reactive mode.

The initiative also helps to confirm the strengths in the different teams, which is very important since these aspects are not always communicated.


The HR manager for Decathlon Canada also notes that in addition to the exceptional support, another important advantage of Amélio's platform is its great flexibility and high customization potential.

Indeed, these elements allow Decathlon Canada's HR to take advantage of all the power of the tool to easily deploy and analyze other types of surveys measuring, for example, the diversity within the teams.

Amélio as a strategic asset in the current job market

The HR manager for Decathlon Canada considers that Amélio stands out as a tool that brings a lot of agility to HR. It is a strategic asset for mobilization and retention in the current job market. She adds that:

"Amélio allows us to apply in a very concrete way the values of employee well-being, dear to Decathlon. The platform is also an excellent tool to get less experienced managers up to speed on employee engagement."

The ease of implementation of Amélio is so appreciated by Decathlon Canada that the initiative and the benefits derived from the use of Amélio have been recognized by Decathlon's head office in France and its managers have asked the HR manager for Decathlon Canada to come and present this innovative solution.

Convincing results

Frédérick Blanchette

Frédérick Blanchette

President, Solertia

I could no longer manage teams without Amélio.

Solertia, a consulting firm specialized in global compensation and organizational development, has been using the Amélio platform for over 3 years.

From client to promoter

First used internally to develop its organizational culture, the Solertia team has been offering the Amélio platform to its clients for nearly 5 years.

By integrating Amélio to its service offer, Solertia is now able to have a global and very precise picture of the client's situation in order to orient the mandates towards efficient and sustainable solutions.

Frédérick Blanchette, president of Solertia, underlines that :

« Amélio has a major impact in the transformation of the organizational culture at Solertia. Thanks to Amélio we can now manage our teams using an accurate and truthful measurement of the situation. While we have a very open culture, there is a limit to what employees are willing to tell me directly. So anonymous surveys give employees all the room to speak up »

Amélio, an essential tool in corporate governance

Since the tool is used continuously at Solertia, the firm's president adds:

« Amélio is integrated into our governance practice. Engagement may remain stable month after month, but the strengths and areas for improvement in our culture change and this practice allows us to review them. I could no longer manage teams without Amélio. »

In the past, Solertia has used other employee engagement solutions. Frédérick underlines that they finally opted for Amélio because of the great flexibility offered by the platform and its intuitive interface. He also adds that:

«Amélio's team offers an excellent service; fast and efficient. This is a very important aspect allowing us to create a proximity. All these elements led us to propose Amélio to our clients.»

Reconciling perceptions with evidence

Solertia's president highlights the fact that for a mandate to be successful, it is important to reconcile employee perceptions with those of managers.

« The anonymous surveys and segmentation offered by Amélio's tool make it possible to get all the evidence needed to make quick and effective decisions. »

For some clients, the Solertia team has even had to change the direction of the mandate as a result of employee responses. In many cases, the employee survey reveals small, simple actions that make a big difference. In other cases, the segmentation offered by the platform makes it possible to reach all groups and to explain the interest or lack of interest in certain management practices.

We can therefore avoid several biases in the analysis.

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Why decathlon and solertia chose amélio to power employee engagement?


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