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How Cyberpublicity Propelled Its eNPS by More Than
30 Points Within 6 Months

Recognition > Salary Increase?

Do you ever wonder about increasing your employees' salaries to transform them into your employer brand's ambassadors? Or wonder if other measures might be more appropriate?

If so, CyberPublicity's story will definitely inspire you!


In 2022, the digital marketing agency CyberPublicity has substantially increased all its employees' salaries. It was mainly done to match and even surpass the average market salary in this business field. Moreover, as with many other companies, this measure was also meant to boost its employees' satisfaction.  

With Amélio's continuous improvement approach to employee engagement, the impact of these salary increases could be closely monitored.  

Unfortunately, although the offer was very attractive, its impact on engagement level and satisfaction was fleeting.

CyberPublicity's management team launched a Recognition program via the Amélio platform to recognize its employees' contributions other than through salary.

The Impact

The results of these recognition efforts are outstanding!  

  • In October 2023, the number of employees who would recommend the company as an excellent workplace was almost seven times higher than in January 2023!
  • The number of employees who plan to stay within the company for at least the next two years has risen significantly.
  • Survey participation rates remain very high every month, evidencing employee involvement and the synergistic impact of recognition in the surveys.

1. About CyberPublicity

CyberPublicity is a digital marketing agency founded in 2011 by two Montreal entrepreneurs, Benjamin Paradis and Kevin Perry.  

The head office is in suburban Montreal, where the primary operations are also based. Many employees also telework from all over the world.

The company has a highly qualified workforce of about 50 employees.

It has developed solid expertise in artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art digital marketing to optimize thousands of clients' web rankings. The company has also earned its Google Partner status and has been named one of the top technology agencies in Canada and the United States.

A true leader in its field, its every action is guided by the values of humanity, innovation, and excellence.

2. Background

In 2021, employment in the digital and web marketing sector was hyper-dynamic. With a shortage of skilled workers, recruiters in the industry were not hesitant to seek out specialized individuals.

With numerous attractive job offers, this led to a high turnover rate in these companies.

As you might expect, CyberPublicity was no exception, experiencing a significant staff turnover.

In response, in November 2021, the company launched a process to assess and continuously improve employee engagement with Amélio.  

Initial Results

When analyzing the first engagement surveys, the main concerns raised by employees were Workload, wage policy clarifications, the company's long-term vision, and professional development opportunities for employees, among others.

It is worth mentioning that these were widespread concerns in many companies post-pandemic.

3. Actions Required

Based on the results obtained in the engagement surveys and through time, CyberPublicity has implemented various initiatives to stimulate employee engagement and turn them into true ambassadors for the company.


Salary Increase

Considering that wages had been identified as one of the employees' concerns, CyberPublicity has significantly increased its salaries to be closer to the industry average.

In 2022, employees received an average 17% pay raise.

This action's impact could be monitored easily through in-depth data analysis on the Amélio platform. This salary increase had a short-lived impact on employees' engagement levels.  

After the increase, results for the Wages' sub-factor were positive for a few monthly surveys before new dissatisfactions emerged. Additional departures also occurred.

 "Believing that salary increases or bonuses will motivate an employee for the long haul is a mistake. The motivating effects of a pay raise last only two to three weeks."

Zwi Segal, Work Psychology Expert

This salary increase was necessary to adjust to the industry average in CyberPublicity's business segment. However, since salary is an extrinsic motivator, it cannot be a long-term solution to ensure employee engagement. The impact will not be as powerful in the long run as when the increase occurred.

The question remains - "What can be done?"

Implementing a Recognition Program

Numerous studies have shown that recognition is a fundamental driver of engagement. One study even suggests that 83 % of employees say recognition at work is more satisfying than any reward or gift.

Source: Decoding Global Talent (Boston Consulting Group )

Conversely, numerous studies have also shown that a lack of recognition in one's job is a significant factor in resignations.

CyberPublicity took a closer look at how recognition was provided to its employees. The recognition offered was solely based on individual performance.

However, recognition can be rewarded in many ways, such as based on an employee's knowledge or attitude.

Recognizing its power in employee retention and engagement, CyberPublicity decided to revamp its recognition practices, shifting from solely individual performance-based recognition to a more comprehensive approach.

With the Recognition component of the Amélio platform seamlessly integrated into the familiar survey process, initiating this change in practices was as simple as activating this functionality.

A best practice guide to recognition was developed for employees and managers. Recognition is encouraged by following the company's values, such as mutual support, professional development, initiative-taking, and teamwork.

And so, in the winter of 2023, CyberPublicity's Octopus program was officially launched throughout the company!

4. What Are the Results?

"The Amélio Recognitions - such an amazing initiative!!!! It is very empowering when you receive an appraising message. All it takes is a little pat on the back."

"With Amélio, we can definitely see an increase in the number of recognitions. Personally, it means a lot to me."

"If a coworker sees and values my work, I know it all thanks to Amélio."

CyberPublicity Employees

Between January and October 2023, the results of this initiative have been remarkable!

These are just some of the praises we received from CyberPublicity employees:

Easy to use and customizable, the platform's Recognition component positively impacts employee engagement and long-term commitment.

Recommending CyberPublicity as a Good Place to Work

The eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) identifies employees' pride in their employer.

This indicator measures your employer brand's ambassador ratio on a scale of -100 to 100.

The greater the number of promoters, the more positive the eNPS will be; conversely, it will be negative if the company has more detractors. An eNPS score of over 50 is considered excellent.


For more information on eNPS and how it is calculated, you can read our article here

To raise the eNPS score, concrete actions must be taken to meet employees' needs.

CyberPublicity certainly understood this!

Indeed, in January 2023, the company's eNPS score was 6. Then, following a steady progression, the eNPS score had attained 39 by the October 2023 engagement survey.

That's a sevenfold increase in just ten months!

In other words... 

Employees report that CyberPublicity is more attentive to its employees and demonstrates a genuine desire to create a more humane environment in perfect harmony with its organizational values.

Employees also expressed pride in their employer, its mission and culture of mutual support, trust and flexibility. As a result, they are more inclined to recommend the company as a good place to work.

Less Early Departures

Another remarkable result of CyberPublicity's changes in its recognition practices is the number of early departures. Employees have a longer-term outlook on their future within the company.

In January 2023, 47% of employees planned to work for CyberPublicity for more than two years, and 50% planned to leave the company within the next two years.

Among the reasons for potential departure cited by employees was a lack of recognition!

In October 2023, more than 70% of employees planned to remain employed, and 29% considered leaving their current job within the next two years.

"We have seen a huge difference in staff retention since implementing the Recognition component. Our employees' willingness to stay is very strong."

Solène Hobléa

Customer Experience Director, CyberPublicity

The number of early departures over the next few years is lower than in January, but more importantly, the ratio of positive to negative comments on this question has changed!

Since implementing new measures, there have been many more positive comments about CyberPublicity, which applies to most engagement factors.

Improved internal communication, values, and an organizational mission that resonates with employees, as well as recognition from their manager and the company, are all factors that contribute to staff retention within the digital marketing company.  

Positive Feelings Towards the Company

By modifying its recognition practices, monitoring the results of engagement surveys conducted with Amélio and through other initiatives, the digital marketing agency has demonstrated real efforts to create an inspiring workplace.

And this has not gone unnoticed by its employees!

Indeed, CyberPublicity's sincere openness to receiving feedback from its employees and the tangible actions that follow are well perceived by staff.

The combination of continuous improvement surveys and the importance attached to recognition testifies that the well-being of employees is of the utmost importance to the company, and it will continue to implement concrete actions in this direction.

Employees' positive feelings towards CyberPublicity foster their engagement and commitment over the longer term.

5. What Are The Next Steps?

Given the positive impact of the Amélio approach and its Recognition component, CyberPublicity is keen to continue its efforts. That goes without saying!

Since the platform enables customized surveys, companies can easily measure their employees' satisfaction to improve and adapt their practices.

For example, CyberPublicity conducted a survey to assess its recognition practices following the launch of its Octopus program.

According to Julio Ganzanini, Human Resources Business Partner, one of the keys to the success of CyberPublicity's Octopus program is the strong involvement of its managers.

Indeed, team leaders have been made aware of the importance of addressing concerns, following up on them, and making their employees shine by thanking them for their contribution, constant efforts, positive attitude, or willingness to help their peers. It is even truer in more difficult or busy times.

And that's exactly what the company's managers are doing.

Amélio and its easy-to-use Recognition component help facilitate this culture of employee appreciation.  

6. What Can We Learn from Cyberpublicity?

The CyberPublicity case study clearly illustrates that a salary increase will never be as effective as any change in perspective and culture regarding employee recognition and consideration.

Combining initiatives that meet employees' needs, evaluating these actions, and focusing on recognizing the teams' contribution thanks to a recognition feature like Amélio undoubtedly contributes to employees' satisfaction and reinforces their sense of belonging.

At the same time, it promotes a lower turnover rate and makes employees true ambassadors for the company. 

Would you like to initiate a change in your recognition practices and boost your eNPS, employee engagement and retention rates?

Start a continuous improvement process with Amélio and maximize the benefits of recognition throughout your company!

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