What will be your next business success?

Anonymous employee suggestions and market development

Propel Innovation

Your employees have great ideas for attracting more customers, designing better products and surpassing competitors.

Amélio speads the ideas in the company to make surface the best of them

Did you know that Amazon Prime idea came from a software engineer of the company?
He wasn’t related to marketing or product departments, but he had a great idea to make his company perform even more.

This is the kind of idea that you cannot let slip away. Amélio will ensure that you collect these innovative ideas.

Optimise Work Processes

The suggestion box built into the platform encourage employees to express themselves freely about work methodologies to improve daily productivity.

When it’s embarrassing, they do it anonymously so that no idea gets lost.

Enhance Products

What if the accountant in Finance department knew what feature could make your product even more amazing? Amélio will collect the best ideas among all employees.

Attract High Potential Clients

Don’t let high potential clients slip away. Take advantage of your workforce to improve marketing techniques and reach to new clients, thanks to employees innovative ideas.

Optimize Processes

Employees have insights about how the business is running from the inside. They see what can be improved internally to speed up production and reduce errors.

Anonymous suggestions

Suggestions can be posted anonymously to preserve confidentiality.

Use Your Community

Suggestions are voted and commented by employees so only the best ideas can get to the leadership.

Sort & Filter

Employee suggestions can be filtered by department so the ideas get to the right persons. They also can be sorted by popularity.

Improve employee engagement now


Employee engagement is crucial to successful companies. Amélio is an innovative tool that helps businesses create an inspiring corporate culture.

Amélio is recognized for being one of the best Engagement Platforms.



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