Automated Coaching

for managers

Once you have listened to your employees and learned from their feedback, it’s time to take action. Amélio proposes an automated action plan to each manager based on the results of his own team.

Measure. Take action. Measure.

Once a month, each manager receives his personalized report. Two main strengths and two aspects to improve will be emphasized to prioritize workplace sentiment improvement.

Amélio assists each manager to create a better, healthier and more efficient workplace. Actionnable tips are proposed in its action plan for each element to improve to make a real change quickly and effectively.

Automated Coaching Journey

1. Collect Data

The employees answer an anonymous survey of 20 questions based on the 12 engagement factors which will determine the engagement level of the team. The frequency of surveys varies from each week, month or quarter, depending on your organizational culture.

2. The Algorithm Analyzes the Results

The results of each manager are analyzed according to their respective team’s recent work climate. It tracks the progress of each key engagement indicators.

3. Develop an Action Plan

Each manager receives a monthly report having two strengths to preserve and two elements to improve.

For each element to improve, a precise action plan will enable the manager to react and improve the engagement within his team.

Our insights are drawn from our action plan data bank based on companies that have distinguished themselves on employee engagement, on scientific studies conducted around the world and by inspiring speakers.

Action Plan
Managers will then add recommendations to their action plan, follow up the evolution over time and improve.

A CEO’s performance is as good as the performance of his middle managers.

– Med Jones


Employee engagement is crucial to successful companies. Amélio is an innovative tool that helps businesses create an inspiring corporate culture.

Amélio is recognized for being one of the best Engagement Platforms.



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