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Definition of Engagement Factors in Amélio

This page describes the 12 engagement factors and 38 sub-factors used in Amélio to evaluate the work climate.

Relationship with the Manager

Represents the quality of the relationship between employees and their immediate manager: feeling heard, supported and informed, and supporting positive management practices.


Subfactor Definition
Collaboration Do employees consider that they have a good work relationship with their manager? Do they feel heard and informed about what is important about their work?
Work Support Do employees feel supported by their immediate manager when they need help in their work?
Closeness Do employees feel close to and have trust in their immediate manager?
Social Support Does the immediate manager promote teamwork and inclusiveness for all employees?

Relationship with Colleagues

Represents the relationship between colleagues: support, inclusiveness, collaboration, and mutual respect.


Subfactor Definition
Collaboration How do employees perceive their collaboration with their colleagues? Do they feel that departments work in silos?
Work Support Do employees feel they can rely on their colleagues if they need help with their work and that they have someone they can turn to when problems arise?
Social Support Do employees feel they are part of the team and are respected by their colleagues?


Represents the employees’ degree of attachment to the company, its services, and their job. This indicator establishes to what extent employees are likely to promote, defend, and support the company.


Subfactor Definition
Employment Would employees recommend and advocate for the company as a valuable workplace?
Products and Services Are employees proud of the company’s products and services, and are they your brand ambassadors?
Staff Turnover Do employees intend to pursue their careers within the company?

Work-Related Meaning

Represents both employees’ intrinsic motivation and alignment regarding the company’s mission. This indicator establishes the extent to which employees feel fulfilled in their work and driven by the company’s mission.


Subfactor Definition
Vision and Strategies Does the company offer an enlightening vision that inspires and unites employees towards a common goal?
Task Significance Do employees feel that their work makes a difference for the company or its clients?
Skills Application Does the company allow its employees to develop their skills and fully exploit their strengths?


Represents the employees’ sense of responsibility and independence in their work.


Subfactor Definition
Control Are employees encouraged to be innovative, and do they have enough freedom to perform their work in the most efficient possible way?
Supervision Are employees independent and feeling autonomous at work? If so, to what extent?


Represents employees’ sense of attachment to the company, its values, and its management.


Subfactor Definition
Communication Do employees believe they are well informed about significant changes in the company or company news?
Employee Consideration Do employees feel that their opinions and well-being are significant for the management team?
Social Impact Does the company have a positive impact on society?
Values Do employees feel that the company’s values are essential to them and are genuinely experienced?

Career Progression

Represents the employees’ perception of their career opportunities within the company and their professional development.


Subfactor Definition
Equity Among Employees Do employees perceive that performance and career management are done fairly and consistently?
Performance Management Is the company’s performance management process effective in promoting high-quality work?
Career Advancement Opportunities Do employees perceive that career advancement opportunities are available within the company, based on their career goals?
Professional development Do employees feel that the organization supports them, allows them to learn and grow in their job or position?


Represents the impact of the work on the employees’ personal lives, either in terms of free time or mental and physical impacts.


Subfactor Definition
Workload Do employees consider their workload to be appropriate, allowing them to do high-quality work?
Work-Life Balance Do employees feel they have an excellent work-life balance?
Health Are employees satisfied with the company’s initiatives regarding employees’ health?
Stress Does the work atmosphere promote a positive atmosphere, or is there too much work pressure on the employees’ shoulders?


Represents the employees’ perception of their contribution to the company and their team.


Subfactor Definition
Colleagues Do employees feel that their contributions are valued and recognized by their colleagues?
Manager Do employees feel that their contributions are valued and recognized by their immediate manager?
Company Do employees feel that their contributions are valued and recognized by the company?


Represents both the quality and frequency of the feedback employees receive concerning their self-improvement and skill development.


Subfactor Definition
Colleagues Do employees provide adequate peer feedback to promote their colleagues’ professional development and help them improve?
Manager Does the immediate manager provide adequate managerial feedback to promote their employees’ professional development and help them improve?

Work Conditions

Represents the employees’ perception of their working conditions, such as equitable wages or their physical work environment.


subfactor Definition
Work Environment Is the physical workplace environment adapted to the employees’ needs?
Wages Do employees feel they earn a fair wage?
Workplace Safety Do employees feel safe in the workplace environment?


Represents the resources that employees can use to provide high-quality work and their perception of their colleagues’ work quality.


Subfactor Definition
Job Clarity Do employees know what is expected from them, and do they consider that each team member’s responsibilities are clear?
Training Is the training provided to employees effectively promoting skill development?
Work Tools Do employees have the proper work tools to do their jobs efficiently?
Work Quality Do employees consider that their colleagues provide high-quality work?


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