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"People work for people - They do not work for businesses"

- Donn Carr

Employee Recognition Program

Improve employee engagement with peer recognition

Employee Satisfaction

75% of employees receiving at least one monthly recognition are satisfied with their job.

Retain top talent

Companies with a continuous recognition program have a turnover rate 31% lower than companies with poor recognition cultures.

Employee Engagement

57% of companies using peer recognition experienced an increase in employee engagement.

Valuable Feedback Motivates to Outperform

Employees feel that their work is appreciated and valued.

Recognition Culture

Peer recognition encourages employees to work as a team and progress together.

Become better every day

Colleagues provide real-time advice to help the team develop new skills and make it more successful.

Increased Visibility

Managers have feedback on the impact employees have on their colleagues and they get valuable insights for performance evaluations.

Empower Employee Recognition

A winning corporate culture values its employees.

Acknowledging the efforts of colleagues introduces a supportive atmosphere and ends silo working. Peer feedback shows the employee's positive impact on his colleagues and the company.

Employee Recognition
Acknowledge Employee Contributions

Acknowledge Employee Contributions

Managers are informed in real time when an employee receives recognition or a recommendation from a peer. 

During the performance appraisal, Amélio displays all the feedback received to provide a comprehensive overview of the employee's contributions. It allows managers to thank the employee for his efforts and identify how to help him improve.

Caroline Bessette, Notary

CEO, Bessette notaires

It is an excellent tool. A confidential way to get the pulse of employees. It thus brings out a lot of information which otherwise would remain undisclosed. I give 5/5 to the whole Amélio team.

Try it for 1 year; you’ll see!

Bessette notaires
Émilie Raymond, CPA, CA

Manager - Assurance | Mobilization and Development, CAGL

Amélio’s platform has helped us a lot to have a global picture of the mobilization within our teams. It also confirmed several points of improvement and assisted us on the set up targeted action plans.


Demonstrate Your Appreciation

Praise your colleague when they go above and beyond expectations. Offer a golden hand to show your gratitude for his constant efforts.

Ethan Mitchell shared great words to Jake Takahashi

Improve employee engagement now


Employee engagement is crucial to successful companies. Amélio is an innovative tool that helps businesses create an inspiring corporate culture.

Amélio is recognized for being one of the best Engagement Platforms.



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