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Founded in Victoriaville in 2018 and already with over 340 employees, VOSKER is definitely a trendsetter in remote monitoring devices. These devices can operate without Wi-Fi or electricity and even under harsh weather conditions.

"Amélio has become essential to us."

Mélanie Lavoie

Growth ↗ + 560%

VOSKER's ambition

Always striving to break technology's limits, VOSKER's ambition is to become the world leader in remote areas surveillance.

And they are off to a great start!

These innovation enthusiasts won the Best New Product Award at the International Security Conference and Exhibition (ISC) in 2019 and the Technology Fast 50 Award in 2021 and 2022 from Deloitte Canada.

Moreover, the company’s growth might impress several people: between 2019 and 2021, VOSKER grew by 560%! In 2020, while the world was in a pandemic, the number of employees almost doubled within a few months.

Such spectacular growth is often combined with numerous challenges related to culture and remote management.

With this in mind, initiating an in-depth assessment of employee engagement and performance became essential while maximizing their potential for innovation.

Therefore, VOSKER initiated a self-improvement process with Amélio in 2021.

Technology Fast 50 Award

2021 and 2022 from Deloitte Canada

Smart Decision Making

As VOSKER's activities are spread over three different sites, and given that over 80% of its employees work remotely, the right engagement measurement tool needed to monitor engagement regardless of where employees are located.

The collected data must also highlight the levers and challenges surrounding engagement while prioritizing actions.

Mélanie Lavoie

Senior Vice President, Talent & Culture, VOSKER

"Amélio is essential for obtaining all the information and data to identify the real stakes and make smart decisions.

It is an easy-to-use, user-friendly tool that allows us to identify our strengths and barriers to engagement easily.

It also helps us pinpoint where we need to pursue our efforts."

The feedback received has effectively helped VOSKER make decisions that positively impacted employees' engagement and culture and on achieving the company's goals.

For instance, through employees' feedback, they redesigned their internal communication channels to be closer to employees, created new, more competitive total wage packages to meet employees' actual needs, identified issues experienced by some teams, and improved some internal processes, such as new employees' onboarding.

Regular Follow-ups: A Key to Success

One of the most essential factors in achieving such success is following up with employees on the latest survey results as soon as possible, which VOSKER has implemented during meetings between managers and their teams. Thanks to frequent follow-ups, potential tensions within some teams were defused before they even arose.

Moreover, Amélio’s reports are among the recurring topics discussed between Talent & Culture business partners and managers, which allow them to monitor team challenges and discuss concrete actions to be taken.

The company’s quarterly engagement report is also reviewed during management meetings, and the engagement index is associated with management bonuses. This demonstrates just how high of a priority both employees' engagement and Amélio are at VOSKER.

Frequent follow-ups and actions implemented after the results have been analyzed demonstrate to employees that management is really considering their feedback.

Feeling read and heard can genuinely impact employees' perceptions of their company or job and help them positively contribute to surveys.

For example, a new employee at VOSKER expressed their concerns about the company's values, i.e. whether they were really embodied. Thanks to the “Reply to Comments” function, which preserves the employee's anonymity, it was possible to provide the employee with an answer about their concerns, which had a strong impact:

Mélanie Lavoie

Senior Vice President, Talent & Culture, VOSKER

"I sat down to reply to their comment, and the employee told me it was the first time a response had been given to a comment they had shared through a survey tool. This employee later confirmed they would give their perception of our values a chance.

Amélio provides employees with a space to express themselves and gives us greater insights into their real issues."

Likewise, the results gathered from the engagement surveys allow VOSKER to confirm that the collaborative and innovative culture they strive to promote is deeply rooted in everyone's daily lives.

It confirms that VOSKER's employer brand is not just a "brand" displayed on its Careers page but an accurate statement of the experience within the company.

"Amélio is an extremely
powerful tool."

Mélanie Lavoie

"Amélio has become essential to us."

Overall, VOSKER is the perfect example of a company revolutionizing its industry through innovation.

Considering VOSKER's proven capacity for growth, there is no doubt that the company is speeding ahead—both in pursuing the implementation of its recognition culture and its ability to listen to its employees while achieving its goals!

To achieve this and to always remain at the top of its game, VOSKER relies on its team's full potential, using the Amélio platform, which Mélanie Lavoie describes as an extremely powerful tool. As a result, the company maximizes its potential:

"With a Lamborghini, you can reach 50 km/h, but you can also reach 300 km/h."

VOSKER keeps an eye on what really matters to be the world leader in its industry.

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