25 good reasons why a colleague should be recognized

Simple, quick, and efficient.

Does your Amélio report reveal that your employees would like more recognition for their contribution? You are unsure what else you could do, as you are already thanking them? Here are 25 good reasons why you should recognize an employee.

A kind message that is not work-related can go a long way. Suddenly, the employee’s day gets more enjoyable.

You do not need to make it a formal meeting or be flamboyant to make your team feel appreciated. Talk to your colleagues and congratulate/thank them for the good they are doing to people around them. Be sincere and express genuine interest.

Here are some ideas of reasons why to recognize an employee. Congratulate or thank him/her for:

  1. Being creative.
  2. Continuously supporting other team members.
  3. Consistently providing high-quality work.
  4. Always achieving their objectives
    (do not wait for the performance evaluation 😉).
  5. Always being on time.
  6. Ensuring that new colleagues are well-integrated into the team, by making them feel included.
  7. Being loyal.
  8. Accepting challenges and maintaining a positive attitude when dealing with challenges.
  9. Providing excellent customer support (to the consumers, to other departments, or even to yourself).
  10. Being fast and efficient.
  11. Doing what they commit to.
  12. Being trustworthy.
  13. Doing often more than what is requested.
  14. Performing work successfully from the very first time.
  15. Never giving up (except when required).
  16. Being motivated in helping the team or the company to succeed.
  17. Managing time efficiently.
  18. Being very qualified in the X field.
  19. Being honest and daring to speak out even when it’s difficult.
  20. Being diplomatic when disagreeing.
  21. Having positive reactions when dealing with stressful situations.
  22. Motivating all the other team members.
  23. Making other team members smile.
  24. Having strong ethics and values.
  25. Accepting responsibility for failures.


And you, for what other reasons do you recognize your colleagues?
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