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7 HR Technology Trends in 2024

2024 is already presenting numerous HR challenges, many of which are directly related to technology trends. So, without further ado, here are the leading HR technology trends you will need to look out for to stay on top of your game in 2024!

1 Remote work is here to stay, so is HR tech!

2023 has shown that remote work is not about to disappear from our lives. Workers have appreciated the flexibility they experienced these past few years, and they do not want to lose these advantages. Numbers don’t lie: 62% of employees feel more motivated in their jobs now that they have access to remote work. Furthermore, 41% of workers are thinking about leaving their positions in the coming year. Flexibility has undoubtedly become the key asset for employee retention!

The expansion of remote and hybrid work models brings about many tech challenges for all organizations. Indeed, your teams will often be managed remotely, from recruitment to daily work. Some of your employees will never even set foot in the office! It will be impossible to keep up with these changes without the appropriate tools.

2 Recruiting automation: a must for all companies
The pandemic has led to significant organizational challenges. Adaptability and flexibility have become essential to carry on with usual HR processes. Recruiting is no exception to the rule: to face the increasing competition and labour shortages, you need to automate your recruitment processes. Indeed, from the first interview to the definitive hiring, you will most likely have to carry out all the usual steps remotely!

By keeping up with this trend, you will offer the best experience to your candidates and improve your employer brand. Moreover, you will increase your chances of finding the perfect fit from a distance.

If you are not used to planning and managing remote interviews, it is time to get started! In addition, you might want to look into ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to dematerialize and optimize your recruiting processes. These technological tools help you sort your applications and quickly find the best match for your company!

3 Remote onboarding is gaining momentum
Your recruits will not only be hired from a distance, but they will also regularly experience their first days in the company remotely. Therefore, to keep up with your employees’ needs, you have to digitize your onboarding processes.

That’s precisely what HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) are for! These HR management software programs offer a complete onboarding solution adapted to remote employees’ realities. All important information is centralized on a single platform: you only have to set the tasks and deadlines. Employees and managers will then receive automated reminders. In addition to saving time daily, you will make sure that your remote employees get a warm welcome!

Remember to stay in touch with your new remote employees through video meetings and virtual team-building activities. You will be well prepared for this 2022 HR trend by using the right technology tools!

4 Online training in the spotlight
In recent years, employees have increased their expectations for professional development. As a result, training and learning have become key factors in well-being and engagement, especially for new generations of workers.

How can we conciliate these expectations with the expansion of hybrid and remote work models? Once again, tech tools will be your best allies! For example, LMS (Learning Management Systems) are software programs dedicated to the management and monitoring of learning and training processes. Similarly, an HRIS like Folks offers career management and training features that allow you to track your teams' professional development. The icing on the cake: you will receive automated reminders when their certifications need to be renewed. These features come in handy to meet your employees' expectations and improve their engagement!

Professional development will increasingly take place online: an HR technology trend that will surely expand in the coming years, and one that you should prepare for accordingly!

5 Engagement surveys to improve team morale and retention

Employee engagement has been a growing issue in recent years. Having good retention rates is critical in these times of labour shortages. However, the question remains: how do you measure the motivation of your remote employees? It is not always easy to identify issues of engagement and morale from a distance.

Engagement surveys provide an effective and comprehensive organizational diagnosis. They are adapted to your remote employees, confidential and customizable. Moreover, they can lead to constructive dialogues with your teams, in addition to providing you with solutions for establishing engagement strategies.

2024 is the year for hearing out your employees and considering their expectations. With Amélio's engagement surveys and organizational diagnosis, you will undoubtedly create a pleasant work environment for everyone!

6 Exit interviews: an essential step

If you want to stem the tide of departures and minimize employee turnover costs, you have to question your departing employees. Exit interviews are an essential step in ending a professional collaboration positively.

Exit surveys are also valuable tools to understand the reasons for employee departures and to identify which practices you need to improve. They can help you effectively build your retention strategies and reduce employee turnover costs!

7 HR at the heart of your organization's innovation and growth

This year, HR will undoubtedly be at the heart of your concerns and organizational challenges. Therefore, HR will be an essential part of your growth strategies.

Your employees are also an invaluable source of good ideas! Collecting these ideas with the help of surveys will support your innovation strategies. Afterwards, you can share them with the entire organization to encourage exchanging and improving these ideas. Finally, you only have to present the most popular ones to management so that the best innovations for your strategic plan can be selected and implemented!

Amélio offers an easy and efficient tool to automate this innovation process allowing every employee to contribute to the growth of your organization!

Digital transformation is key to keeping up with employee expectations!

As you can see, HR technological tools are crucial to ensure your success and employee well-being. New generations of workers particularly care about the digitization of business processes. Therefore, HR tech is your best ally to maintain good retention rates and remain attractive to candidates.

HR technology is necessary to initiate the effective digital transformation of all your HR processes. From onboarding to employee files, you will be able to manage your remote teams effectively without losing essential information!

Using the right tools to stay on top of current HR trends optimizes your daily practices. It also improves employee retention and employer brand in the long run!

In 2024, employees will be an important driver of your organization’s growth!

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