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Par Jeannot Lecours

Your employer brand represents your culture. Today’s employees are looking for a brand they can identify with and trust.

Glassdoor reveals that 75% of job seekers are prone to applying for a position within an organization that actively addresses its employer brand.

According to Indeed, an organization with a strong employer brand decreases employee turnover by 28% and attracts 50% more qualified candidates.  

In this article, you will learn the eight steps that will enable your organization to develop a worldwide recognized employer brand successfully.


The first step is to assess your company’s reputation with your employees and the public.

You must, among other things, be aware of what your current employees like and dislike about your organization. You also must know what is being said about your organization from people outside your organization. It allows you to highlight your strengths and quickly address what needs to be improved in your organizational culture.

Anonymous internal surveys, analysis of comments on social networks, and consultation of employee reviews on job posting websites are among the effective techniques for investigating your reputation.

There must be consistency between what is said versus what is done in your organization. According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, 70% of candidates rely on reviews before making career decisions. As information spreads quickly throughout the web, candidates rely heavily on peer reviews. Be proactive and act promptly.


By clearly defining your mission, your vision, and your organization’s values, you convey a solid and authentic image to your current and future employees. Defining these fundamental core elements also allows you to bring consistency, clarity, and transparency to all your actions.    

Essentially, these core elements must be expressed in your content material. Promote them on your website, blog articles, social media posts, etc. You need to promote them and make this information visible to job seekers.

Today’s job seekers are not only drawn to a high salary. A company’s mission and core values matter significantly more to them when it comes to choosing a potential employer.

Employes en réunion


With these core elements in place, creating your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is much easier. This proposition includes all the key benefits your company offers to its employees.

It includes career development, management style, advancement opportunities, hybrid work opportunities, and job security. It ensures that your current and future employees understand the value they receive for their skills, experience, and valuable work time.

Promote what makes your company unique and distinguishes you from other companies within your industry. Whether it is in your recruitment materials or on social networks, let your future employees experience the passion that drives your company. Showcase the impact your company has on society. The new generation of workers actively looks for these differentiating elements in a company.


Your company has a unique story worth sharing with your employees and job seekers. By being authentic and telling your story and that of your employees, you will captivate potential candidates’ attention and engage them emotionally. They can then quickly identify with your brand’s mission and values. You can even share your clients’ success stories.

Whether with photos, video testimonials, or podcast interviews, the key is to use multiple communication channels to tell your story.

It can also be testimonials from your employees on social networks. Or the history of your company and its founder on the About Us page of your website. Testimonials from employees are particularly effective since candidates want to know why employees remain with a given company.

Use storytelling, also known as the art of evoking emotion. Stories are compelling and have the potential to leave a lasting impression. Stay authentic and do not distort reality.


It is essential at this point to implement a content strategy for your employer brand. Benefit from different channels to promote your employees’ achievements and your company’s involvement with the community. Demonstrate that you are a good corporate citizen by showcasing your company’s and your employees’ community commitments.

It is essential to control your message to your employees by standardizing the publication and response patterns on social networks. Your internal and external communications must also be aligned to convey consistency in your messages.

Your website, job sites, and social networks are all great channels to promote your employer brand and facilitate potential candidates’ decision process.

The key is to use a multi-channel approach to maximize your recruitment efforts. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are all possible channels, depending on your industry.

Today, there are five generations of employees and job seekers to consider. Implement, measure, analyze and adjust your content strategy to find how to get their attention.

Involve your marketing or communications department to use the right words to reach your target candidates. Do not settle for a mundane job offer; instead, focus on giving your candidates a good time by inspiring them with more sophisticated content.

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Your employees are best positioned to promote and defend your employer brand. They embody your organizational culture and are guided by your mission and values, as your employer brand starts and grows from within your company.

Conduct interviews and audio or video testimonials and share them on your website and social platforms. Also, ask them to share this content with their respective social networks.

Use emotion and authenticity to reach your different types of candidates. According to a LinkedIn study, job seekers are three times more likely to trust employees than employers to provide credible information about a company’s environment.

Did you know that all candidates can act as ambassadors regardless of whether they are selected in your hiring process? Keep this in mind when creating an empathetic recruiting approach that will keep talent on the lookout for all your future job openings. It will also encourage them to share these opportunities with their acquaintances.


Implementing an onboarding process for new employees within your company is yet another important, if not essential, step. They must be given a positive impression from their very first days working for your company. Otherwise, you may get a bad reputation, and they may look for another job opportunity.

It is imperative in today’s teleworking context. New employees can quickly feel isolated, helpless, and even stressed.

To facilitate this important milestone for your new employees, see our article How to welcome and integrate new teleworking employees . It will ensure a positive experience for your new employees and strengthen your employer brand.    

You can also do employee onboarding and departure surveys to monitor employees’ impressions effectively.


Offering continuous learning and development opportunities to your employees is one of the most substantial promises you can make to help your company stand out.

Investing in the development of your employees builds loyalty and is as much a retention force as it is an attraction force.

Whether on your website or social networks, promote it by sharing inspiring stories from employees who have benefited from it.

Offering a stimulating career progression makes all the difference between an employee who will be loyal to you for the long term and another who will be ready to leave you for one of your competitors.

And did you know that you can create a fulfilling career path for your employees without being obliged to give promotions or salary increases?


Your employer brand already exists and always will, whether you do something about it or not.Others will do it for you if you do not actively maintain it.

So, maximize the odds and promote your culture in the most effective way possible.

The first step is to assess your reputation through an internal audit.

Amélio helps you discover your employees’ concerns to help you develop a strong employer brand and attract and retain the best talent.

Find out how Amélio can improve your company’s employee experience over the next year in this 5-minute video.


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