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A High-Interest Engagement Process

Dedicated to serving professionals for over 45 years, Professionals’ Financial (fdp) has distinguished itself through its private banking approach based on a thorough knowledge of its specialized clientele’s unique needs.

The personalized support offered by the firm’s employees maximizes the impact and added value of its services for its clients, regardless of where they are in their professional or personal lives.

However, fdp goes beyond its mission of offering its customers the best possible experience and is proud of having its employees at the core of its priorities and actions.

Recipient of the Employer of Choice award in Canada in 2016 and 2017, holder of the Concilivi Seal since 2022, and winner of the Prix Distinction in 2021 and 2022, fdp is highly committed to ensuring its employees’ well-being.

Therefore, surveying its 192 employees to learn more about their work experience was an obvious strategic move.

While employee engagement surveys had been carried out in previous years, these only measured a specific period rather than a full year.

In other words, how are employees doing throughout the year?
Both in the busiest and the calmest periods?

Hence, in spring 2023, fdp began an ongoing engagement improvement process with Amélio, allowing the company to obtain data representing the complete employees' experience.

The Engagement Process: a Shared Responsibility

From the beginning, fdp has firmly believed that engagement is everyone’s business! Engagement is a shared responsibility involving the whole company—managers and employees alike. Therefore, everything has been done to ensure that everyone is involved in this process.

Supporting Managers

According to Coraline Masson, Senior Consultant, Employee Experience and Internal Communications at fdp, such an initiative requires people who are convinced of its potential benefits. Hence, managers must be among these endorsers, as they can directly and rapidly impact employee engagement. 

This is why managers have been trained to maximize the Amélio platform’s potential. Moreover, they are regularly assisted in analyzing their results by the Culture and Human Capital Department.

This engagement process’ objective has also been repeatedly stressed:

“Again, this is not a manager’s performance indicator! These indicators are mainly used to open the dialogue with employees. Managers have committed to regularly following up the survey results with their teams.”

Coraline Masson
Senior Consultant, Employee Experience and Internal Communications


Employees have received and accepted this initiative very well.

For example, the survey had a participation rate of around 80% during the summer months.

Employees are also very generous in their comments, clearly demonstrating that they are taking this initiative to heart.


To maintain their involvement and avoid fatigue, Coraline Masson regularly stresses the importance of demonstrating to employees that their opinions are heard and that measures are implemented to address the issues identified. For fdp, continuously questioning and adapting its practices are essential.

During corporate meetings, held twice a year, employees are given a more formal presentation of the results to emphasize the company’s engagement philosophy and the positive impact of employees’ participation in the surveys as well as in finding and implementing solutions.

A Highly Exciting Project

Besides being a beneficial source of data for assessing engagement and identifying potential directions for action, the Amélio platform can also be an inspiring tool for the company’s Culture and Human Capital Department.

“The Amélio project is one of the most exciting of my career! Not only is it a customizable, flexible and easy-to-use platform, but it also fits in perfectly with our organizational DNA. It is very motivating!”

Coraline Masson
Senior Consultant, Employee Experience and Internal Communications

In fact, at fdp, engagement surveys regularly reassert their employer brand, characterized by humanity, integrity and listening values, which is applied to recruitment and employee retention.

In Summary...

fdp regularly reassesses its strategies and actions to ensure that employees’ and customers’ interests are always the priority. The continuous improvement process launched with Amélio perfectly matches this vision since engagement surveys enable the company to pinpoint its strengths and areas for improvement better, thus refining its practices and enhancing the employees’ experience.

It also enables the company to reassert its open-dialogue culture constantly. One of the next steps in the fdp process will be to activate the Recognition module available in the Amélio platform. This feature will undoubtedly deepen their open-dialogue culture that encourages everyone to collaborate.

In short, we can say that “it pays off to partner with Amélio!” 😉

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