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For more than 40 years, Rocky Mountain has been sharing its love of mountain biking. The company manufactures high-end, high-performance bikes for riders of all ages and skill levels. Their bicycles are used worldwide.

As an ambitious, results-driven company, Rocky Mountain aims to design the best mountain bikes and revolutionize this unique sport while creating a welcoming community of riders.

"The results obtained with Amélio influence our corporate decision-making."

the Talent, Culture and Organizational Development Consultant at Rocky Mountain

+ 95% of employees

answered the survey!

The Rocky Mountain journey began in North Vancouver, home to the world's most legendary mountain bike trails. Although the head office is now located in Saint-Georges, Beauce, Quebec, employees and sales outlets are spread across the globe.

Rocky Mountain was looking for a bilingual, international, easy-to-use tool providing anonymous and confidential assessment of their employees' work-related satisfaction. Consequently, they initiated an employee engagement process via an organizational diagnostic through Amélio's platform in the fall of 2022.

This assessment resulted in several initiatives and adjustments within the company. Let's explore them.

Getting to Know Each Other, Even From Afar

According to the Talent, Culture and Organizational Development Consultant at Rocky Mountain, one of the most important findings is that employees wanted to develop more interpersonal relationships.

The company's multisite reality can explain this and that the team has grown significantly in recent years. Teleworking has also become increasingly important, bringing particular challenges, particularly when forging informal bonds or cross-departmental relationships.

As this process aimed to identify the company's main priorities, several initiatives were created to allow teams to get to know each other better.

Creation of an Engagement Committee

A diversified and inclusive Engagement Committee featuring employees from various departments and hierarchical levels was formed to propose activities addressing the identified areas needing improvement.

One of the creative actions suggested by this Committee was to design employee cards similar to hockey cards. Employees are introduced through their personal and professional aspects. These cards are shared through the internal newsletter.

Lunch & Learn events are also organized to showcase the various departments and share technical knowledge.

Organizing a Large-scale Event

To further strengthen bonds between employees, Rocky Mountain decided to hold a major event for the first time in its history, bringing all its employees together in a single place and time.

"It represented a lot of money and time, but the Amélio survey convinced us that it was important to hold this event. Even if it required a big investment, we realized that this is what our teams needed—to be able to connect."

Talent, Culture & Organizational Development Advisor – Rocky Mountain

The engagement survey also highlighted what the company was doing right. Family values are particularly appreciated at Rocky Mountain, which is why the company still promotes a welcoming and inclusive employer brand.

Redefining the Company's identity

Amélio's innovative approach to employee engagement provides unbiased decision-making support for every aspect of the company.

For example, given employees' desire to know more about the company's mission, vision and values, the Vision project was launched to define the company's orientation better, using information provided by the teams.

The survey's responses also helped determine the importance of the employee experience in the company's strategic planning for the coming year.

"This approach enables us to progressively redefine ourselves as a company regarding our values and vision. The survey's responses strongly influence this process. The results obtained with Amélio also influence our decision-making regarding, for example, adjustments to our procedures and performance assessment model."

Talent, Culture & Organizational Development Advisor – Rocky Mountain

A Remarkable Participation Rate

Finally, one of the proudest achievements associated with the engagement process at Rocky Mountain is its employees' excellent participation rate. Over 95% of employees responded to the survey!

According to the Talent, Culture and Organizational Development Consultant at Rocky Mountain, this success is due to the collaboration between the company and Amélio. Indeed, thanks to the communication tools provided by Amélio, she and her team could explain the objectives and benefits of this approach to employees and managers alike—which undoubtedly contributed to their exemplary participation.

Amélio's easy-to-use platform also made it easy for Rocky Mountain's teams to complete the survey.


Using a flexible, effective and intuitive tool such as the Amélio platform, Rocky Mountain identified the strengths of its employer brand while prioritizing the required changes.

Rocky Mountain proves that by relying on collaboration and employees' participation in strategic planning, the employee experience becomes essential for overcoming all the growth challenges and opening new paths.

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