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Since 2011, Worximity Technologies Inc. has played a leading role in Industry 4.0. The company contributes to redefining manufacturing efficiency and boosting its customers’ average production performance by 20-30%.

“I would not say this feature has changed my life, but it almost has!”

Lucie Normandeau

With the help of a high-tech tool that collects and analyzes data in real time, manufacturers from various sectors and sizes can now do more with less! So far, Worximity has helped boost the productivity of over 3,500 production lines.

Growth opportunities within this company may also impress many! According to Deloitte, Worximity has ranked among the fastest-growing companies three years in a row.

Worximity, a young and dynamic team of 40 employees, firmly believes that happy people develop remarkable technologies.
From this perspective, Worximity wanted to assess its employees’ satisfaction at work using an easy-to-use tool that would enable data to be collected easily, regardless of where their employees work.

As a result, in January 2022, Amélio was launched to evaluate Worximity’s employees’ experience.


“Help us help you.”

As Lucie Normandeau, Human Resources Consultant at Worximity, perfectly explains, surveys carried out with Amélio give employees, who might otherwise be more fearful, the opportunity to express their issues or irritants aloud.

Indeed, the platform’s anonymity allows for more honest and transparent feedback, as employees are not afraid of their names being disclosed. Moreover, collective resolutions can be sought by delving deep into the issues.

Lucie Normandeau

Human Resources Consultant

“More brainpower is best! By sharing their concerns, our employees can propose solutions. They feel involved, which boosts their engagement, and we can turn the survey results into action plans.”

Here are some initiatives developed at Worximity since they first launched Amélio.

Onboarding and Integration Process

Engagement surveys highlighted that, due to teleworking, new employees sometimes felt somewhat on their own after just a few days. The onboarding and integration process has, therefore, been reviewed and improved. 

Managers’ involvement in this process was notably increased to facilitate better integration and increase new employees’ sense of belonging.

Furthermore, the onboarding survey available on the platform enables the process to be evaluated and, if necessary, refined as new employees are hired.

Performance Assessment

The performance and professional development assessment procedure has also been improved and renamed “Worx in Progress” in honour of Worximity.

Regular follow-ups are made with managers to ensure that objectives are set for their employees and that their attainment is frequently monitored.

Internal Communication

Employees reported that communication between teams had declined since teleworking was introduced. The company decided that its bimonthly meetings with the whole company would now be conducted in person and last much longer. While these meetings used to last just one hour remotely via Teams, they now last four hours in the office.

These meetings allow the teams to catch up on each other’s latest news and work collectively in inter-team workshops on processes or daily challenges.

During these meetings, Lucie Normandeau also follows up on engagement surveys’s results and the implemented actions.

The “Reply-to-comment”


A Real Benefit for HR

Through the Amélio platform, it is possible to reply to employees’ feedback within the survey while preserving the respondents’ anonymity.

For example, this is a real advantage when employees have questions about HR programs. According to Lucie Normandeau, it enables her to communicate insurance information, for example, or to solve straightforward matters.

While the employees’ identity is not revealed, they still get the answers they need—a win-win situation for employees and human resources!

“I would not say this feature has changed my life, but it almost has!”

Lucie Normandeau

Human Resources Consultant


Worximity is a perfect example of a company actively contributing to a rewarding employee experience, as it meets its teams’ needs as accurately as possible while aiming to achieve continued improvement. The efforts they have been putting in are clearly paying off:

Lucie Normandeau

Human Resources Consultant

“It is encouraging to see that our engagement factors, which had received the lowest scores last year, have improved this year. Even if things are not yet perfect, our actions are definitely contributing to our employees’ satisfaction, one small step at a time.”

Worximity and Amélio are perfectly in tune: both use technology to help people. Using technological tools to collect data can genuinely impact companies’ and individuals’ performance, innovation, and well-being.

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