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What is Marianne Lemay's vision? To make Quebec a better province to work in by creating new ways of attracting and retaining employees through techniques deviating from the traditional HR model.

And so, in 2019, she founded Kolegz, a creative human resources firm which combines the best of marketing and technology ingredients to transform companies into real talent magnets.

And who exactly are these companies/organizations? They come from all sizes and sectors, including the SAQ, Moment Factory, Leucan, Club Piscine, and several municipalities. They all share one thing in common: an openness to innovation and modernizing their HR practices.

The Kolegz team offers various candidate and employee experience services guided by empathy, imagination and impact-driven values. These services include strategic planning, employer branding, job posting, onboarding and employee retention.

Where does one start when it comes to developing a strategic employer brand plan? By assessing the employee experience, it is possible to creatively and boldly develop an employer brand consistent with employees' day-to-day experience.  

This is why Kolegz uses the Amélio platform for its mandates: to precisely and quickly assess employee engagement.

In other words:

"Our clients love Amélio! All our staff give you 11/10... and so do our clients!

Kolegz and Amélio really complement each other!

Technology: an Essential Ingredient

At Kolegz, technology is the heart of our practices: virtual training, interactive career paths, social media and website optimization for recruitment, online guides for managers, HR marketing strategies... and so on!

Technological tools are essential ingredients for transforming companies and their human resources practices.

Therefore, collaborating with Amélio is a perfect fit for using technology to improve the employee experience.

According to Marianne Lemay, the Amélio platform facilitates client engagement diagnostic surveys. But above all, thanks to advanced data analysis, Amélio greatly simplifies HR consultants' work and helps them prioritize the actions to be implemented.

The following case is the perfect example!
In a large unionized company, the results obtained via Amélio were an important catalyst for change.

Following a team engagement survey, management realized that significant changes needed to be undertaken while simultaneously knowing exactly at which level these changes were required.

As a result, the collective agreement was renegotiated, and several initiatives were adopted to enrich their employees' work conditions.

Marianne Lemay
CEO and Founder, Kolegz

"This example highlights the importance of using Amélio, with all the data it provides and the priorities it defines, to implement measures for optimizing employee satisfaction, whether in a unionized or non-unionized environment! We then help companies with their implementation. It has been a huge success.

Adding One's Unique Spice

Kolegz team members have considerable expertise in human resources management, organizational change and development.

As for the companies they work with, their realities are numerous, based on their number of employees or their sector of activity, among others. As you might expect, a company specializing in technology will not face the same day-to-day challenges as, for example, a school.

Given this multi-disciplinary spectrum of expertise and environments, the tools used by Kolegz must be highly flexible.

Marianne Lemay
CEO and Founder, Kolegz

"With Amélio, everything can be customized. We can easily add our unique spice by adapting the survey questions, for example, to measure exactly the engagement factors we want to assess while being aligned to our clients' businesses."

With real-time results analysis and automated reports directly from the Amélio platform, Kolegz saves many hours of data processing. As a result, its team members can add their unique and valued touch to their mandates. In other words, everyone wins!

A Valuable Partner

At Kolegz, they carefully handpick their partners to ensure that they consistently exceed their clients' expectations. User experience is at the heart of these decisions.

"I have encountered many survey or employee engagement platforms, but the user experience offered with Amélio truly distinguishes it. Everything is simple, intuitive, user-friendly."

Marianne Lemay
CEO and Founder, Kolegz

Its closeness to the Quebec market and the possibility of obtaining timely support also made Amélio a valuable partner for Kolegz.

In Summary...

Kolegz's mission is to help companies become more appealing to potential employees and to give them a sweeter, more delicious experience.

This creative human resources firm relies on the right instruments to deliver delicious results to achieve this.

It is precisely what the partnership between Kolegz and Amélio makes possible: a deliciously winning recipe combining engagement, marketing and technology ingredients, ensuring that companies indulging in it become inspiring and attractive workplaces.

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