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On the Fast Lane to a Strong Employer Brand!

Founded in 1976, Pièces d’Auto Angus distributes automotive parts and accessories. However, its mission goes far beyond distribution. It strives to make its customers' daily lives easier.

In 2022, the company launched its brand-new industrial division, Silex Industriel, offering proximity services, supply solutions and training with faster turnaround times than the industry norm.

As a family-owned company wishing to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere among their 30 employees, they have decided, as of late 2021, to implement a continuous improvement engagement process with Amélio.

What Is Their Track Record So Far?

Using the Amélio platform has definitely helped them create an inspiring employer brand: attentive to their employees, attuned to their everyday reality and, above all, focused on bringing happiness to the workplace.

We will tell you all about it here.


Initial Observations:

Communication & Anonymity

When Isabelle Blais, CEO, and France Jean, Executive Assistant, set up their first engagement surveys, they quickly realized that their employees were less aware of internal procedures than they thought.

By conducting anonymous surveys, the answers revealed that internal communication was one of their biggest challenges.

"Anonymity makes it easier for employees to share their feelings and give more honest answers, because they do not fear being reprimanded."

Frédérick Blanchette

Isabelle Blais, CEO, Pièces d’Auto Angus

New practices have been implemented, such as more frequent meetings with employees, enabling the company to get closer to them, keep them better informed, and so on.

Knowing what employees need to be satisfied at work ensures the company takes the right actions to address its employees' real concerns.

Moreover, the participation rate increased as employees saw that new measures were implemented based on their recommendations.

Indeed, employees were more confident in the surveys' usefulness, seeing that their answers could impact their everyday lives and work environment.

The company's current owners, Isabelle Blais and Stéphane Defoy, won the 2023 Mon boss c'est le meilleur ("My boss is the best") Award given out to students' employers.

"(...) We also complete anonymous monthly surveys that collect data regarding our well-being at work. I love my employers so much!"

Frédérick Blanchette

Jordane Lachance, student and employee

Delivery Through SMS,

A Much-loved Option

Whether on the road or in the warehouse, employees do not always have access to a desk or computer to complete the various surveys. However, since they always have their cell phones, sending the invitation to complete the survey by SMS is a real advantage for Pièces d'Auto Angus and Silex Industriel.

Amélio has the power to adapt to different organizational realities.

"Delivery through SMS is extraordinary! It is fast, straightforward and user-friendly."

Frédérick Blanchette

France Jean, Executive Assistant

Amélio's rating, according to Pièces d'Auto Angus and Silex Industriel:

10/10! Very user-friendly!

When Isabelle Blais thinks of the Amélio platform, what comes to mind first?

Thanks to the quarterly meetings scheduled with the Amélio team, they were able to perfect their knowledge of the platform and maximize the potential of its customizable aspects.

"User friendly! It is so easy that I hardly needed any help from their support team."

Frédérick Blanchette

France Jean, Executive Assistant

Fun "Employee of the Month" surveys have been created alongside the more standard engagement surveys.

Employees now look forward each month to answering the unique question and, above all, to seeing who the lucky winner is!

This practice has created a strong sense of belonging within the teams and the development of a positive organizational culture.


At Amélio, we thought it was such a good idea to stimulate interest and participation in surveys that we decided to follow the example of Pièces d'Auto Angus!

We now offer our customers fun sample questions and attractive visuals to fill in.

Would you like to find out more? Do not hesitate to

Mission accomplished in creating a dynamic and friendly atmosphere throughout the company!

These are certainly winning conditions for fostering an employer brand that has real power to attract and retain employees!

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On the Fast Lane to a Strong Employer Brand!


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