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Founded in 1996 by André Bédard in Sherbrooke, ABTECH has become a leading distributor of Leica Geosystems measuring and positioning instruments for the land surveying and construction industries.

The company offers cutting-edge technological solutions and a top-notch customer experience!

Since 2011, ABTECH has rapidly grown from 3 to 92 employees, along with a growing number of points of service. Chicoutimi, Quebec City, Laval, Moncton, Ottawa, Toronto, Boston and now New York.

With this growth came some organizational management challenges. ABTECH was looking for ways to maintain its employees' engagement and support them through the upcoming changes.

As a result, the company initiated a continuous improvement process with Amélio in 2022.

Visibility and Proactivity

The New Modus Operandi

With the company's head office still in Sherbrooke, and new points of service opening up in Canada and the United States, it can be difficult to have a clear insight into how operations are progressing out in the field, given that managers are not in direct contact with all employees.

When asked how the Amélio platform could help managers support their teams, Vicky Bérard, Human Resources Manager at ABTECH, said:

"It is very helpful! I had no indicators before. Without the platform, I would need to do everything myself, from compiling the results to just guessing from what I was seeing."

Frédérick Blanchette

Vicky Bérard, Human Resources Manager, ABTECH

With Amélio, the company can determine exactly what matters to employees and what is problematic, no matter what department they work in.

With the help of highly visual graphs and the option of segmenting results by department or location, for example, Amélio makes it easier to identify what needs to be focused on, and consequently the company can be more proactive than reactive.

Moreover, it also enables the company to develop and improve its internal human resources procedures.

Customized meetings are organized between human resources and managers to ensure they understand the results. Managers are thus assured of taking the actions that matters—those addressing their teams' concerns.

Thanks to the tool and quickly accessible results, human resources can support all managers adequately, relaying salient data to the Board of Directors and guiding decision-making. This creates a robust climate of collaboration and minimizes silos, which are all too familiar with business growth.

The added value


During the initial surveys, Vicky Bérard and management were struck by the fact that the results for the Recognition engagement factor were lower than they had expected.

While efforts seemed to be being made to recognize their employees' work, the latter felt they were not receiving enough recognition.

So, the company activated the Recognition module available on the platform. And since then, it has been love at first sight:

"When employees receive a recognition card, they are so happy. It warms their hearts so much, they talk about it for a few days. It really makes a difference in their daily lives. Everyone loves it."

Frédérick Blanchette

Vicky Bérard, Human Resources Manager, ABTECH

This culture of positive recognition within the company aligns perfectly with ABTECH's mission as an employer:

"Provide employees with a stimulating work environment that allows them to develop professionally while receiving the recognition and challenges they need to thrive."

Proactivity, regular support and recognition... These are excellent assets for creating a strong employer brand, which will undoubtedly attract the best talent so that ABTECH can continue to grow!

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